Doing It Right Window Tinting

Window Film and Tint in Jonesboro, Ga

Residential Tint

Residential tint is great for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that it can greatly reduce your electric bill by keeping your home cooler. UV Rays are a key cause to heat in a home. By not having your windows treated your fighting an uphill battle.


We are able to repair, replace, and install window tint for all of your doors and windows around the office. No matter how many floors, offices, or windows you have in your building we are here to help.


Automotive tint gives you not only the privacy you need when driving but also shields you from the sunlight's brightness. Our tint can greatly reduce the severity of the sun's harm of your eyesight while you're driving.

About Us Doing It Right Window Tinting

Doing It Right Window Tinting is a professional tint company in Jonesboro, Georgia. Our team is trained to handle any and all of your door or window tinting needs for homes, offices, and vehicles. If you would like more information call us today at - (678) 359-4705

With our years of experience our team is able to provide superior in-shop and mobile installation. If you are looking for an affordable solution for your tinting needs call on us. 

mobile tinting

Whether you come to our shop or need us to come to you, we got you covered. With our mobile tint services, your vehicle will be good to go before you know it!  We offer 4 different types of window tint which all provide the security and privacy you would like to have for your vehicle. So don't hesitate one of our technicians are waiting for your call!